Heating Contractors

For prompt and reliable furnace service Denver area residents can rely on Staley Heating & AC, Inc. In Colorado, we face some bitterly cold and dry winter months. Staley Heating and Air Conditioning is your one-stop shop in Denver to ensure that your home is comfortably warm and always energy efficient. Whether you require repair or are in the market for a new furnace, water heater, boiler,  or humidifier, Staley’s 30 years of experience will provide you with your best option.

Heating Repair and Installation in Denver

We specialize in the following areas to keep your home warm:

You can rely on us to treat you honestly and courteously.  Our prices are right and our service is prompt! Our experienced service technicians are all factory trained, ensuring 100% client satisfaction.  We offer only the highest quality products and parts. We service all makes and models, and stand by our commitment to excellence, paying diligent attention to completing every project to the utmost in quality. We honor your most valuable investment, your property, by ensuring the highest levels of cleanliness on each and every service call.

Contact Staley today at (720) 706-1160 and we’ll keep you warm!