Indoor Air Quality

Did you know that the air you breathe indoors can actually be more harmful than the pollution you breathe outside? Even more concerning is the loved one with compromised respiratory issues such as asthma. At Staley Heating and Air Conditioning, we “breathe” quality air, literally! Our skilled technicians can help you understand what you are breathing in by installing a multi-sensor monitor by Air Advice. This compact monitor continually measures temperature, humidity levels, carbon dioxide, VOCs and other airborne particles in one minute cycles. The data collected is then transmitted each night from your home to our monitoring center via your home phone line. Once all the information is determined, a Staley professional will come to you at your convenience with personalized printouts to review the results.

We also pride ourselves in our certified duct system design, installation, and cleaning, as well as installation of air purifiers and humidifiers. Don’t risk one more day of breathing in anything but clean, fresh air.

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