See what satisfied customers are saying about Staley.

Jennifer G.
Friday, February 28th, 2014
We just moved in July, and were not used to the mannerisms of our furnace, so when we saw a $40 special for Applewood to come clean it and have a deeper look, we gave them a call. This was just last week. Our technician was very pleasant. He felt our 12-year old furnace needed to be replaced, and that the average life of a furnace is 10-15 years. The quote was way higher than I thought it would be, so I immediately called 2 other companies with as much or more longevity in the industry: ARS Rescue Rooter, and Staley. Both quoted a price that was at least HALF of what the lowest price with Applewood would’ve been, and for better rated furnaces! The ARS Rescue Rooter rep was also pleasant; however, when I asked if it really NEEDED to be replaced, he really couldn’t tell me. He said, ‘well if it’s 12-years old, even if you don’t need one now you might as well replace it and not worry about it.’ Sure…just drop $4-5K on a new furnace for the hell of it. Then I started noticing more ‘salesy’ stuff – closing techniques, etc.. Then Tim from Staley came, and I was completely comfortable with him. He was more than pleasant – he was knowledgeable and thoughtful, and he didn’t pretend to know answers to everything I asked. Some questions he felt needed to be answered by a technician, and he was not convinced I needed a new furnace. He sent Zach over, who confirmed that there is absolutely nothing wrong with my furnace – that it didn’t even need servicing. He said that what he heard, tested, and what I described about the furnace was completely normal, and that a decent furnace will last 20-25 years, and he estimated that mine could potentially last another 8-10. It’s worth it to also note that I checked all 3 with the BBB after this experience; Applewood had the highest number of complaints in the last 3 years, and ARS Rescue cam in 2nd (both had over 20 in the last 3 years). Staley has had 0 complaints in the last 3 years. I’m all for paying extra for more true value – but I think Applewood is trying to sell value that simply isn’t there. I have a very bad feeling about them after this experience. ARS was priced better, but they still just wanted to sell me. I feel lucky to have found Staley, and feel so good knowing that I don’t need to search for heating/cooling/plumbing experts I can trust.

Valerie B.
Monday, February 10th, 2014
Staley came out the SAME DAY, even tho I didn’t call until about 3:00PM!!! Fixed our boiler, which had been working intermittently, we were apprehensive about calling a heating contractor, so during a recent cold snap, it stopped heating altogether, and luckily, I found Staley, and they came the same day, and didn’t charge me the emergency fee, either!Courteous employee, wore booties over his shoes-very professional, very reasonably priced. I am a satisfied customer and will definitely refer them!

Melody G.
Thursday, October 31st, 2013
Staley saved me nearly $1,000 in repairs! After another company came out for an annual service check up on our very old boiler, the boiler drain was dripping and we were told it would be $900 to replace. I decided to call around. Staley sent a technician out that day and rather than try to replace the entire drain which could cause more damage and is only used rarely when the boiler needs to be drained, he capped the drain with a $15 part and repaired the leak. Not only did he fix the problem, he took the time to explain my boiler (since we were new home owners) and was very friendly and courteous.

Monday, February 4th, 2013
We feel so fortunate to have had Staley Heating and Air Conditioning recommended to us.  From our first contact with the ever friendly Jann on the phone to the installation of a new boiler and storage tank, the people at Staley Heating and Air Conditioning treated us with courtesy and professionalism.   Steve, the owner, took the time to answer our multitude of questions regarding choosing the best boiler and hot water option for our application to specific questions about its installation and maintenance.  He and the wonderful staff at Staley worked tirelessly with us and made us feel as though we were always their priority. Steve is very well-informed, low-key and a master craftsman who takes obvious pride in and stands behind his beautiful work.  The copper piping and solder joints on our new boiler look as though they belong in an upscale kitchen, rather than in a basement!  We are toasty warm and love our new system.  Thank you Steve, Jann, Rich and Zach!

Carol Duran
Tuesday, November 13th, 2012
I took over as project manager on a remodel for a Denver Bungalow that needed new plumbing and a furnace.  The home owner originally contracted with an individual who left her with an unfinished job and her money.  After contacting a couple of HVac contractors I was able to get Staley out to bid, on finishing the job.  Tim the project consultant and Steve, the owner came out and gave me tremendous confidence that they knew what they were doing and could fix what the other HVac person had made a mess of.  She was obviously over head.  Staley did not insist the homeowner buy a furnace they provided but allowed her to keep the one she already purchased from the first person.  This of course was a relief, as the other companies contacted, were not as accommodating.  Staley’s personne,l from Steve the owner, Tim the project manager, Jan the office manager where professional, friendly and competent.  I would recommend and use, Staley Heating & Air Conditioning again without hesitation. 

Mike Perry
Monday, November 12th, 2012
I have a house that was built in 1902 and by all estimates, the boiler wasn’t much younger than the house when it died last week.  Steve Staley came by to assess its condition and provide recommendations to fix or replace it.  Steve is incredibly knowledgeable and took a great deal of time explaining all of the vagaries of my ancient system (how it had been a steam system before being converted to water, etc.).  He went through a number of options, explained each one thoroughly, and answered all of my questions completely.  When it came time to install, he was able to schedule it within a couple of days and I was surprised at how quickly he and his team were able to get it installed, plumbed, wired, and running.  As for the installation, Steve moved the boiler location so that it was tucked in a corner and not in the middle of the boiler/storage room which was an added benefit.  I should also note that Steve and his team took great measures to control the mess and perform the cleanup of an unavoidably messy job.

While nobody wants the unexpected expense of a new boiler, I feel that Steve quoted me a fair price and did an exceptional job installing it.  I now have the peace of mind that comes with the safety and reliability of a modern system installed to modern codes.  Steve and his team (Zack for one) clearly have a tremendous amount of knowledge and understanding about these older systems and do great work.  I can’t recommend Staley Heating highly enough.

Brian LaFlamme
Friday, January 20th, 2012
We first had Steve come in to look at our boiler, which no one seemed to be able to fix. Steve got it running but also advised that it might be on its last leg. When we were ready to purchase a new heating system Steve’s bid, knowledge, and willingness to answer all of my questions in detail put him heads above all the other contractors. The installation went smooth and their attention to detail from removal, installation, and cleaning up after was welcomed. We also had Steve put a heater in our garage. After he explained the different systems available and the pros and cons of each, we went with his recommendation and we are glad we did. You will not go wrong with Steve with all your HVAC needs!

Brad Guthrie
Friday, January 20th, 2012
Steve and his employees were very personable and trustworthy and I would highly recommend his company for any kind of Heating and Air Conditioning work. It’s nice to know someone I can call and get great service when needed.

Bob Hawthorne
Friday, January 20th, 2012
I had Steve install a complete HVAC; he installed a 110 outlet and came for my one-year check up at no charge. I am very satisfied with the product.

Josh Taylor
Friday, January 20th, 2012
First, let me say Steve is a guy who would make a great neighbor. He cares about doing the right thing and doing things well. I have hired Steve and his company to do work at my home with excellent results. I also work with Steve on a professional level. He is an excellent business man and cares about his customers and employees. A person will not go wrong hiring Steve.

Kenneth Howard
Friday, January 20th, 2012
Steve provided both a new boiler and a Unico AC system in our older house. Steve always followed through as issues (common in old houses) surfaced.

Robert G. Goldie
Friday, January 6th, 2012
My wife an I have an old 1911 home in the Washington park area that over recent years required the need to replace an old boiler. After much research we chose Staley Heating and AC, and the result was excellent. The job was completed with the minimum of fuss, on time and in a most efficient manner. The follow-up was also excellent. We were so impressed with the Staley company, that when we decided to install air-conditioning in our old home, we requested Staley and company to do this project without hesitation. Once again the job was completed on time in a most professional manner to our satisfaction, and in consequence we have no hesitation to recommend this companies services to those requiring heating or air-conditioning to their homes.

Arlene Stolte
Friday, January 6th, 2012
I would like to extend my appreciation for the way your team executed my request to purchase and install a new Rheem furnace and air conditioning system. Your entire staff from sale to installation was a pleasure to have in my home. Tom made every effort to have the work scheduled within the time I would be available. Dave and Zach worked very hard to make sure everything was properly installed and the work area was completely clean when they finished their installation. I could not have asked for more professional installers, they were great. I would also like to thank Jan and your office staff who were so good about answering my questions and setting up the final inspections and completing my paper work. Please thank your wonderful staff for me and feel free to use my name as a reference when necessary.

Rebecca and Douglass Kirchdorfer
Friday, January 6th, 2012
We would recommend Staley Heating & Air Conditioning to anyone who has heating or air conditioning needs. Staley is honest, thorough, and knowledgeable. We wanted air conditioning in our 1930s brick, one-story Tudor-style home. We have steam heat so we were presented with the challenge of installing air conditioning without existing duct work. During Steve Staley’s initial presentation, Steve took time to thoroughly explain all aspects of the job, from equipment needed to the placement of the vents in the ceilings. He is very patient and detail oriented and always had our best interests in mind. We have found the products Staley uses to be reliable, quiet, and the best for the application. Staley’s installers are easy to work with and are true masters of their craft. The office staff is professional and polite. They did a great job! We will hire Staley Heating & Air Conditioning in the future. Thanks everyone at Staley. Keep up the good work!

Edward and Janet Haffey
Friday, January 6th, 2012
Your company recently installed a new down-draft furnace in the lower level of our home. I wanted to convey to you my appreciation for the hard work and professionalism of your two employees, Dave and Zach. They were knowledgeable, hard-working, kept a clean workplace and did a good job demonstrating the workings of the new system. They are a credit to your company.

Ella Coney
Friday, January 6th, 2012
I want to express to you how completely satisfied I am with the air conditioner your company installed at my property. Tom came out and bid the job. I was skeptical because I had been told a few years before that it would be very difficult to install an air conditioner in the property. Tom was an expert. He explained to me that the job could be done very efficiently without tearing out  a lot of walls by simply going through the attic. He answered all my questions and put my mind at ease. I was impressed. On installation day, the crew showed up on time, alert, and ready to go. Tom even  strapped on a tool belt and helped Dave and Zak with part of the installation. Upon completion, the job site was left very clean. Dave thoroughly explained the operation and maintenance of the air conditioner to me. I am totally satisfied and so happy with my new air conditioner. You have a fine company with many good people in your employ. I’ve done business with your company for many years and you never fail to exceed my expectations. I look forward to working with you and your company for many more years in the future.

Thank you so much!

P.S. Did I mention that I am so happy!

Jenny Hock
Friday, January 6th, 2012
Let this serve as my letter of reference for the excellent job your company did to install my air conditioning in July 2005. My story follows: We had no air conditioning and had hot water heat without any ductwork in our home. I had contacted several heating/air conditioning contractors over the last several years. Each of them left, unable to find a solution without compromising the architectural integrity of our home. We were told that even a swamp cooler would be difficult. After seeing a TV segment on the Unico System, I did some research. This led to a few phone calls, and a Unico System sales representative recommended Staley Heating & Air Conditioning as his contractor of choice for a consultation and installation. Steve Staley soon gave me hope that we could find a solution at last. He was meticulous in his planning and thoughtfully approached every aspect of the job. The same can be said of his staff:

Prompt arrivals on work days
Courteous and friendly crew
Careful around home furnishings/property
Kept impact to a minimum ..1
Kept mess to a minimum, cleaned up daily
Final cost kept to original estimate

The best part of this experience is the result. Our home is now cool and comfortable in all rooms. We suffer through no more “summer rituals” with attic fans, humidifiers, dirty open windows — all for limited results when 104 degrees outside! I would highly recommend both the Unico System and Staley Heating and Air Conditioning.

Walter Weart
Friday, January 6th, 2012
I am writing to express my great satisfaction with my recent dealings with your firm and particularly Eric Rossi as the estimator and Zach, Jarad, and Rich as the installers. When it became apparent we would need a new furnace, we invited three firms to review our requirements and prepare a bid. Of the representatives of the three firms, only Eric recognized the problem of an insufficient number of cold air returns and proposed a solution. This, plus the other information I had about Staley, suggested that your firm should be awarded the business, even though Staley was not the low bidder.

The three installers who came out to do the work were among the best of any of the trades that I have dealt with over the years as a home owner. Their work was competent and professional. The installation of the furnace and the additional cold air returns is very neat and clean, presenting a pleasing appearance which shows pride in their workmanship.

I would be glad to be a reference for Staley as so far I am very satisfied and I believe I have made the right decision to have awarded the business to your firm.

Timothy Basich
Monday, December 19th, 2011
I want to praise the Staley Heating & Air Inc. for fine work, great value and superior customer service. Compliments to Steve Staley and senior technician Danny for providing quick and quality repair to my home’s boiler heater this week. The motor on my 30-year-old hydro-thermal furnace froze Sunday night. Monday, I contacted Staley upon referral from my plumber, Blaine Burnham, with Discount Rooter, also an excellent company, first thing Tuesday and Wednesday, Danny worked on a complicated and stubborn system for two days until it was ‘right’.

Although there were several setbacks during the job, including rusted parts and clogged lines requiring alternative solutions and considerable additional time and effort, I was charged the original ‘quoted’ price, I give extra credit for the prompt and courteous service received, a rare and appreciated asset.

I’m sure that few companies would honor their word as Staley did in light of the unforeseen problems experienced on my job. I commend Steve Staley and his staff for outstanding professional skill and request that you place this letter in their file as a token of my regard. Finally, I would hire them again if faced with another heating problem.

Mrs. Ivan Wescoatt
Monday, December 19th, 2011
I am writing to commend Danny H., who came to our house this morning to inspect the furnace that your company installed a year ago and to make sure that the furnace was ready for the winter. Danny seemed very knowledgeable about the work, so much so that I feel truly assured that the furnace will perform well throughout the winter. In addition, he encouraged my questions and answered them in full. My husband and I are very elderly, and Danny was kind and helpful — and patient. He is, indeed, an asset to your business. I am sure that you, too, appreciate him.