Water Heater Repair

Staley Heating & AC offers water heater replacement options by Rheem products – the best in the industry. There is nothing worse than going to turn on your hot water faucets only to discover nothing but ice cold water coming out. Or worse, a pool of water around your tank due to damage. Whatever the situation, Staley Heating and Air Conditioning maintains a fleet of service vehicles which are radio-dispatched and ready to go all the time. You can count on us to diagnose any water heating structure concerns, review with you the most effective course of action, then follow-through with the most optimal, affordable service based on your needs.

Water Heater Replacement

We also offer tank, tankless water heaters and heat pumps. Allow our insightful staff to explain the wide variety of water heating systems available to you. Staley strives in keeping up with the latest technology to enable the most dependable and cost-effective water heating solutions for you and your loved ones.

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